Safety gives no guarantee without the proper PPE

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Would you rather look like a dork or injure yourself at work? Work injuries can be avoided by wearing the appropriate clothing and using safety equipment correctly.

Maintaining our PPE

PPE that isn’t properly maintained is likely to become worn or damaged, workers are required to maintain with these simple tips:

  • Clean and hygienic
  • In good working order
  • Free of any marks, scratches, tears or discolouration.

Ensuring this will not only keep you looking and feeling good but will protect you from potential hazards.


Instructions from the PPE manufacturer must be followed for both reusable and disposable PPE. Most PPE must be protected from chemicals, sunlight, extreme temperatures, excessive humidity, and moisture, you will find the specified shelf life will be reduced. Disposable, reusable, or limited-use PPE must be discarded if not stored properly.

Keep your PPE in its sealed package until use, and never store PPE with pesticides or personal clothing.

PPE Dos & Don’ts

Apprentices are required to wear long sleeve shirts. They are not to be short sleeved or rolled up.

Safety glasses must not be worn on top of your head. Apprentices are required to wear safety glasses at all times.

Apprentices must not alter gloves in any way. Gloves are required to be worn at all times.

PPE not correct?
If your PPE is not correct or needs replacing contact your supervisor or Industry Careers Consultant

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