Recips business grows with 370° Group’s apprentices and trainees

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For electrical contractors like Dean Spicer of Recips, having quality staff is one of the key ingredients to growing his business. For the past five years, NECA member Dean has been working with 370° group employing high quality apprentices and trainees through its NECA Apprenticeships and 370° traineeships divisions.

NECA Apprenticeships and 370° traineeships provide employers with motivated, skilled and reliable employees when they need them. They also take care of the time consuming administration that comes with hiring staff such as recruitment procedures, employment duties and mentoring.

“The good thing about 370° group, particularly the field officers, is that they understand what kind of business I run. So when I tell them I need someone, whether it be an apprentice or trainee, they know the kind of person I need on the job,” says Dean.

With five electrical apprentices and one business administration trainee currently on his staff, Dean knows the importance of investing in the next generation and why making good recruitment decisions is paramount to his business’ success.

“The first apprentice we took on through NECA Apprenticeships has now completed his apprenticeship and continues to work for us.”

For Dean, retaining his staff helps to ensure his business remains stable.

“It has been a great decision for me to work with 370° Group because I can train the apprentices to do things my way. It’s the same for the trainees. We have them doing the invoicing and their admin duties in a way that works for us,” said Dean.

Like most electrical contractors, Dean believes in the future of the industry by fostering training and development in younger generations provided by the apprenticeship and traineeship models.

“My intention is to take staff on for the whole time of their training. But if they don’t fit the mould, 370° Group has the ability to put them into a different workplace which will suit the apprentice or trainee better and gives me a bit more flexibility, ” said Dean.

While managing all of the administration associated with hiring apprentices and trainees, the field officers also provide Dean with support in sorting out HR issues, monitoring the apprentices’ training and provide ongoing mentoring.

370° traineeships Industry Consultant, Phil Seeber said, “From our side of things it works well for us having an employer like Dean who not only wants to maintain the integrity of the apprenticeship system but is willing to work through any issues that may arise along the way.”

Dean agrees, “They have become a bit of a business mentor for the people part of my business. There is a level of intimacy, networking, knowledge and experience that comes with working with people and they support me with that while I can concentrate on my work.

“I think more employers are looking to GTOs as a more long term thing for their business; they’re not looking to shuffle around. I think that the calibre of kids that 370° group is attracting, as opposed to what it was like even 10 years ago, has gone up a lot.

“We’ve got good kids in here now and they’re keen to work. With the right attitude they can get a really great apprenticeship and a lot of experience which is a real bonus to them and to me,” says Dean.

Need an apprentice or trainee for your business? Speak to one of our field officers or consultants.


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