Workplace Health & Safety when installing solar systems

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Solar installations have their own safety risks to consider.

“The rate of solar photovoltaic (PV) installations in Australia is booming. This is great news for businesses and installers but also means hectic schedules, pressure on install times and lots of inexperienced workers entering the industry.”

Download this guide for safety tips in the following areas:

  • Qualifications and licencing
  • Working at heights and in ceiling spaces
  • Energy storage
  • High-risk hazards associated with solar PV systems

Click the link below to download your copy of the guide:
Safely Installing Solar Systems_1.1_NECA.pdf

This document was produced by the Clean Energy Regulator wiith the support of NECA, the Clean Energy Council, the Smart
Energy Council, Energy Safe Victoria, Queensland’s Electrical Safety Office and Master Electricians Australia.


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