One step could be life changing!

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Knees injuries make up a large percentage of accidents both on site and in the office. There has been several incidents in the past few months as a result of incorrectly stepping up and down ladders and not being aware of surroundings.

Your knees are complex yet we often think of them as a simple hinge in our legs. Knees support the majority of your body weight and allow you to walk, run, stand, climb stairs, crouch, sit and stand up again.

In the workplace, your knees can be used to operate controls, hold objects in place, climb ladders or serve as a support when knelling. For those of you that spend a great deal of time working on floor levels surface or crawling
in confined areas your knees become your feet!

Knee injuries can result in substantial time off work, surgery and painful rehabilitation. They can also be life changing! Do you want to change your career because of an injury that could of been prevented?

Avoiding knee injuries is simply…
 – Be aware of your surroundings
 – Ensure 3 points of contact when stepping up and down ladders ie: 1 hand and 2 feet
 – Don’t rush!


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