Sales is like banking

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Many companies, large and small make the mistake of coasting once they have developed secure markets. Business is good. They content themselves with conserving their existing customers and developing small but steady growth. Things are going just fine, so why change? Everything is working well! It always has! That attitude is the first danger sign.

Things might be good now but if you stand still, the world passes you by! Soon, the business that once was so good begins to diminish and before you know it you are fighting for survival. Why? While you were standing still or marking time, your competitors have flashed past you because THEY WERE ALWAYS WORKING TO IMPROVE every aspect of their business. “Steady she goes” is a prescription for disaster.

PROFIT is linked to every aspect of your business. You must be intent on improving always, at every level. There is no room for anything less than excellence in every department.

Open Book Management is clearly the most enlightening management philosophy of our time. If your company has been experiencing minor struggles and difficulties in keeping the team together and focused, then consider the benefits of OBM to increase morale and profits

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