Your apprentice is an investment. What trade school they attend matters

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We believe by having an apprentice you are not only making an investment in your industry but you’re also making an investment in your business. Because of this, where your apprentice is attending trade school is a very important decision!

At NECA Education & Careers we pride ourselves on the fact that we are the only Victorian electrical trade school wholly owned by industry, for industry.

You can have confidence that when your apprentice attends our school we will treat them as our own and they (as well as you) will become part of our family, no one is just another number or face.

We’re not your ‘run of the mill’ Trade School or Group Training Organisation. We are a business that thrives on delivering great customer service to everyone who walks through our doors.

We pride ourselves in providing our students with every opportunity to be the best they can be and our team believe that any person who walks through our doors has the right to feel safe, know they are supported and be provided with skills to walk out of our trade school competent, confident and ready for the challenges ahead.


Whether it be physical or mental, safety is always our number 1 priority.

We understand safety isn’t just signing SWMSs and that it’s important for our students to understand good work practices, what the implications can be if the work practices are not followed, and have the confidence to speak up when they know something isn’t safe.

We see mental safety in the same light, as young adults it is vital our students understand the benefits of good mental health, the steps they can take to access help and the importance of removing the sigma of mental health issues in the industry. That’s why our students have mentors they can go to (see Supported below).

2018 will see the inclusion of CPR & Low Voltage Rescue accreditation and annual refresher training in our apprenticeship program. We place huge importance on Safety and we pride ourselves on the fact that our students can walk on to worksites armed with not only the skills and knowledge they need to do their job safely but the skills and knowledge needed when things go wrong. All CPR and Low Voltage Rescue training (and refreshers) will be provided to our apprentice student at no extra cost to them (or you!)


Our team ensures every student that walks through our doors has access to a quality education delivered by qualified teachers with extensive industry experience and a passion for sharing knowledge and skills. We do not settle in the ‘here and now’ but look to improve and expand with the industry and its ever growing technologies.

From 2018 we will begin delivering ‘Empower’ workshops as part of our apprentice and pre apprentice training. This training will be focused around Decision Making, Building Resilience & Emotional Intelligence, Improving Leadership and Communication skills and strategies for developing respectful relationships as an antidote to negative behaviours. We see this program as an integral part of not only educating great electricians but also amazing people.

Plus 2017 saw the focus of our resources moved to a more practical based approach, where students can get more hands on to fully grasp what they have been taught. Nick, one of our current apprentices, commented “The best part about the course is it has a good mixture of prac and theory to show how something is used in real life practice as well as on paper”.


As leaders in the mentoring and education of young men and women we all have a responsibility to support our students to navigate life whether it be with their schooling, personal life or employment.

We will continue to provide Apprentice Mentors to all students attending our trade school in 2018 as part of the Let’s Connect Program. Our staff know they have the fortunate position of being able to mentor and guide many in the electrical industry and wider community, in particular apprentices; who can shape the future and help build a healthy workplace.

By having a supportive environment where there is open communication means our students feel confident in asking for extra assistance when it is needed. A current apprentice commented, “I can comfortably ask teachers questions outside of class as well as discuss aspects of working in the trade”. In 2017 we assisted 150 students when they needed that helping hand.

NECA Members Tuition Fee Discount

2018 also sees the launch of our NECA Members Tuition Fee Discount which provides apprentices with a 5% student fee discount when they are employed by financial NECA Members.

So, where will you be sending your apprentices in 2018?


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