See how Nathan kick started his career with 370° traineeships

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The journey Nathan Reaby has undertaken is nothing short of inspirational.

Nathan first commenced with 370° traineeships early in 2010. He completed a Certificate IV in Information Technology (Networking), then moved to complete a Diploma of Information Technology (Networking) and lastly completed a Bachelor of Business Information Systems, all while working full-time and all within four and half years.

“Having first met Nathan four and half years ago, it is remarkable to see how he has developed into such a polished, professional and positive young man. The program he has undertaken is one of the most challenging in any industry. Stepping into the program straight out of Year 12,  it combined four and half years of full-time work, whilst studying, and as each year progressed, the study level increased in difficulty, all while his responsibilities, pressures and demands at work increased,” commented Evan Henry, Senior Business Consultant, 370° traineeships.

Nathan completed his studies while working for the Australia Post SAP Security Team. “A cadetship has given me a huge advantage over people coming out of university,” commented Nathan. “It was a great opportunity and I am absolutely stoked I’ve done it. The program is lot more individual and I have four years work experience behind me.”

Nathan’s role was varied and required the administration of over 80 systems. This this included troubleshooting, maintaining authorisation, training, providing governance, managing risks and being involved with internal/external audits.

“Nathan is a go getter and works extremely hard. He is always looking at ways in which he can learn and up skill,” commented Alexia Kanellopolous, SAP Security Team Leader at Australia Post. “During his time here Nathan has become a huge part of the team; for example, he trained himself in licensing and is now the team expert. We are very proud of Nathan and the way in which he has conducted himself during his cadetship”.

“I really enjoyed it, I like to keep busy and challenge myself. Alexia would organise workshops with the business and then I would present the security side and how we go about it, rather than an email with all technical details. When I started my cadetship I couldn’t stand up in front of a group let alone present. This is a massive strength which the cadetship has added for me,” commented Nathan.

But working full time and studying wasn’t enough for Nathan, who wanted to see how other business and schools operate in different countries. Nathan spent 2 weeks in the USA on a study abroad tour. “We attended the University of Maryland and a number of Fortune 500 companies such as GE, Capital One, Stanley Black & Decker and Wal-Mart. The scale and sophistication of the USA companies was very impressive. They are so technologically advanced,” stated Nathan.

“The highlight of the tour was Arlington Cemetery, it was so moving and reinforces just how proud Americans are.”

Upon reflection of his cadetship Nathan remarked, “it was the best four years of my life. The support from Australia Post and 370° traineeships was great. It has set me up for life. The opportunities that Australia Post gave me were incredible and have paved the way for many more to come in the future. There is nothing stopping me! It’s all about time management, preparation and being motivated. I won’t say it wasn’t hard, because it was, but if you want it you have to go for it”.

“Nathan strived to be the best and to do so put in long hours at work, university and at home to achieve the results he did. He has now a highly sought after talent in the IT industry and his career really, at the age of 22, has only just begun. 370° traineeships are enormously proud of the success he has had and wish him well in his future career and life,” stated Evan.

Nathan is now working full time as a SAP Security Analyst for EB Services.


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