What we teach in the Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship

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Ever wondered what you are actually learning at trade school? Well, we’ve taken the jargon out of the units.

E101A provides Pre-Apprentices with all the fundamental knowledge they will need to be safe in the workplace.

We cover everything from Safe Work Practices, identifying hazards and risks, mitigating hazards and risks, and completing relevant documentation.

This unit provides pre-apprentices with the electrical maths fundamentals like Ohm’s Law, electrical conversions and transposition. It also give pre-apprentices the basic concepts of series and parallel circuits. It also looks at capacitors and resistors and how they function in a circuit. They will also gain basic knowledge of testers & meters and how they are used to test in a circuit.

This unit gives pre-apprentices the fundamental knowledge and skills to be able to read and interpret plans, draw basic diagrams and learn electrical symbols. They also get to know switching from both a theory and practical point of view.

These units teach pre-apprentices about all the tools they will use in the trade and their uses, methods for fixing devices and cable types and uses. It also provides pre-apprentices with an understanding of the importance of measuring and marking out accurately, how to interpret different drawings and the correct (and safe) use of hand tools, power tools and different materials.

This unit provides pre-apprentices with an appreciation of sustainable work practices, sustainable power generation, understanding the carbon footprint and how it can be reduced, and the future of sustainability.

We partner with our friends down the road at CERES Community Environment Park to give our apprentices hands on exposure to all things renewable.

We also ensure all our Pre-Apprentices complete First Aid, CPR & Low Voltage Rescue training where they will learn the principles of First Aid, CPR, LV Panel Rescue & lock out procedures.

This unit is where pre-apprentices start learning all the fundamental concepts in electrical. This unit covers electrical supply and distribution, protection, the difference between AC and DC circuits, concepts and applications of magnetism and electromagnetic induction and transformer operating principles.

The White Card provides pre-apprentices with the ticket they need to work on construction sites. It covers safety legislation, site safety, risk management and health & safety documentation.

This unit sets pre-apprentices up to be able to apply and interview for apprenticeships. We help them create or update their resumes, apply for apprenticeships and practice interviews. Pre-Apprentices are also provided an overview of workplace policies and procedures and how they would apply them in a work environment.

This unit helps pre-apprentices understand all the nuances of ordering parts and components. They work through selecting appropriate components, accessories and materials form catalogues, how ordering takes place and understanding stock handling and ordering techniques.


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  1. I am starting my pre-apprenticeship with NECA this May and need to know what days of the week I am to attend classes, what time class starts and finishes, if there are any pre-scheduled days off (such as public holidays) and the end date of the course. Thanks in advance.

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