Trade School Partial Reopening 14 September

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As everyone is aware, the Victorian Government introduced Stage 4 restrictions across metropolitan Melbourne and in response NECA Education & Careers closed the trade school to all face-to-face classes, whilst continuing delivery of online/remote training to selected classes.

Classes participating in the remote learning have been able to cover the theoretical components of the course, as well as completing simulation exercises. Whilst this has helped many of our students to continue and progress with their studies, practical training and assessments have largely remained on hold. And for some units, which comprised a heavy practical component, these classes have not been able to progress at all.

The management team at NECA Education & Careers has been exploring all options to assist our students to progress whilst reviewing the guidelines under which Stage 4 have been introduced. We are at a point where students are unable to progress remotely. In accordance with government guidelines, we are permitted to re-introduce in-class delivery as the Permitted Work Premises list for Education and Training provides that training can be delivered onsite to apprentices in approved construction, where remote delivery is not possible.

From Monday 14 September we will be running a limited number of face-to-face classes whilst adhering to government social distancing guidelines. Online remote classes will also continue.

Students will receive updated class schedules.

We have updated our COVID-19 Management Plan to meet all government guidelines. Our aim is to minimise the risk of infection within the trade school and ensure our staff and students are safe. Some of the measures we are taking have been in place for months while some new measures have also been introduced. In summary:

  • Each class is being split into two and into separate classrooms – each with their own teacher and with staggered breaks across all classes so that the social distancing requirements can be met.
  • Face masks will be provided for the use of students and teachers, and wearing them is mandatory in the classroom and mandatory in all areas of the site.
  • Students & teachers will be allowed to go home on the completion of their daily study and teaching commitments.
  • There is ongoing cleaning throughout each day with a focus on high contact surfaces.  
  • There is hand sanitiser in every classroom and throughout the facility
  • We strongly urge students to bring their own hand tools for classes. If students do not bring their own tools, NECA Education & Careers will provide them and clean them at the end of every day.
  • Students who are enrolled in Pulse are to continue to bring their laptops to class.
  • Students must bring any workbooks they have received to class.
  • The canteen will be open however the canteen seating area will be closed. Microwaves will be available for student use.

These measures are necessary to ensure we can meet the social distancing requirements that are essential to minimising transmission. They are also designed to minimise interactions between students outside their specific class.

However, students who are unwell, who have been in close contact with a confirmed or suspected case, or who are living with someone required to self-isolate must not attend the trade school. If we believe a student is unwell we will send them home. Students that don’t adhere to the social distancing requirements on campus or in the local neighbourhood will also be sent home.

Kind regards,
Philip Green
Chief Executive Officer


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