Training With Us

So do you want to be an electrician? Or are you after electrical training to keep you up-to-date? NECA Education & Careers offers electrical training for the lifetime of your career; from Pre-Apprenticeship to Apprenticeship to Licensing and Registration to Grid Connect, Battery Storage, Data & Comms, and business know-how.

  • We are the only Victorian Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that is electrical industry owned and operated
  • Links to the electrical industry on a national level and a presence on various committees to improve electrical employment, training and safety
  • Purpose built state-of-the-art facilities
  • Links with employers across industrial, commercial and domestic sectors
  • Each year we train approximately 700 electrical apprentices, 130 pre-apprentices and 2000 electricians/electrical contractors through industry courses.
  • 98% of our students rated their course as good or excellent (FFS Questionnaire January – July 2017)
  • 99% of students would likely recommend NECA Education and Careers (FFS Questionnaire January – July 2017)
  • 92% of students rated the teachers knowledge & experience as excellent (FFS Questionnaire January – July 2017)
  • 95% of students agreed that they developed the knoweldge & skills expected from their apprenticeship training (Apprenticeship Survey 2017)
  • 82.04% completion rate compared to the average for Electrotechnology and telecommunications trades workers of 50.9% (Based on 2011 Start/Completions, 2015 Completion and Attrition Rates for Apprentices and Trainees, NCVER)
Our state-of-the-art facilities will impress you. Our facilities include:

Licensed Electrician Practical Room

Our ‘LEP’ room allows for students to perform testing and get an understanding of why and the methodology used for testing required under AS/NZS 3000: 2018.
This includes:

  • Mandatory tests
  • Why test earth continuity
  • Why test insulation resistance and polarity
  • Why test for correct circuit connections, Earth Fault Loop Impedance and RCDs
  • Fault loop examples and testing insulation resistance
  • Testing socket outlet polarity/earthing/switching/legend/interconnections
  • Testing earthed or bonded items from a socket outlet and testing circuit neutral interconnections

Computer Labs

In the fast-paced world of information technology, staying abreast of industry best practice is important. Our students have access to two computer laboratories.

Safe Work Practice Room

The new room connected to the workshop allows students to gain the knowledge and skills required to safely isolate, test, tag, disconnect and reconnect permanently wired electrical appliances.

Telecommunications Room

The telecommunications room allows for simulated work performances and associated development projects that offers practical on the job telecommunications projects/installations. This includes planning, installing, labeling, testing and completing required documentation for the installation of communication cabling.


Our workshop offers students an environment that allows for the theory to become reality!

The Workshop comprises working areas with the corrals to allow for practical learning. The workshop also includes workbenches to carry out workshop actives such as:

  • Switchboard wiring
  • Simulated house wiring
  • Lighting & power circuits
  • Test equipment i.e. motors & appliances
  • Steel metal work ie tool boxes
  • Soldering
  • Fix and secure apparatus

You can do it all in our purpose-built workshop.

Room 5 – Blue Panels

Room 5 contains panels which provide both teachers and students the opportunity to study the behaviour and measure the performance of electrical circuits and components plus practical activities for lighting and power factor correction.
The panels provide an integrated workstation, where electrical circuits can be built, tested and evaluated, with all the necessary equipment contained in one safe enclosure.

  • pre-apprenticeship
    Start your electrical career with a Pre-Apprenticeship
  • Apprenticeship (Certificate III in Electrotechnology)
    Certificate III in Electrotechnology (Apprenticeship)
  • Courses
    Electrical industry courses including safety, business, data...