Student Uniform Policy

At NECA Education & Careers your safety is our (and should be your) priority.

We know that on work sites you might wear a range of different uniforms or PPE so we have set dress code standards to make sure everyone attending our Trade School comes equipped to participate in all classes!

Pre Apprentices & Apprentices – All Classes

All students attending theory, prac or workshop classes will be required to wear:

  • Sturdy work pants/cotton drill shorts i.e. employer provided uniform
  • Shirt/T-Shirt
  • Safety toe capped boots or shoes
  • You will also need to have clear safety glasses

Sheet Metal Classes
It is mandatory while undertaking practical classes where sheet metal is used that the appropriate personal protective equipment is worn.

  • Long work pants or jeans (dress and casual pants are unacceptable)
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Safety toe capped boots or shoes
  • Clear safety glasses
  • Cut resistant gloves when working with sheet metal

Other Courses
All students attending other courses course MUST wear footwear which is fully enclosed and appropriate attire.
For courses involving practical activities and where it has been identified there are potential risks to health and safety, PPE must be worn. Students will be informed in course literature and in course related emails of the requirement for PPE.

Got questions? Contact Student Services via or on 9381 1922