Open Day 2018 Recap

#Walkthisway had us stripping cable, fitting off Socket Outlets (GPO/Powerpoints), drawing up circuit diagrams, introduced us to storage for solar and having chats with real current apprentices about the real sparky lifestyle.

The day included:

  • Walk a day in the life of an apprentice – We talked with our current apprentices, were introduced to some necessary everyday tool skills and honed in on our already existing awesomeness
  • NECA Pre-Selection Assessment – Industry recognized and accepted… This is the test you need to kill to get noticed! Over 1,000 electrical contractors get the results list and use it to recruit their new Apprentices. If there is ever a way to get noticed this is the way you want to do it. 
  • Prizes and Giveaways – The standard lucky-son-of-a-pigeon door prize
  • We had Pre-Apprenticeship walk-up signups on the day
  • Facility Tours #Walkthisway
  • Chatted with our recruitment department about positions available
  • Heard from electrical contractors
  • Triple M (Sunday) and Fox FM Hit Squad came to visit (Wednesday)
  • A food truck for our culinary pleasure

Plus we had information sessions, so you can get as much info as possible!!!

We are looking forward to see what next year has in store for us all!

We did it!