Attributes of an electrician

The attributes of an electrician are endless, but if you were going to create an inventory of traits that no electrician can be without — attributes that would please most employees — it would have to include the following:

Good communication and people skills
You need to be able to cater for a diverse range of customers including builders, home owners/occupiers, to draft persons or architects just to name a few

Ability to work in a team or independently
Depending on the size of the project will determine whether you are working by yourself or within a team. For example large commercial builds in major cities you would be a part of a large team from tradesmen to foremen’s, to engineers and project managers.

Problem Solving
You will be challenged with many different tasks which could mean you solve something as basic as which size cable to run to more complex tasks such as wiring and programming electrical apparatus for automation installations.

Basic Maths Skills
Maths is part of an electrician’s life, just like a builder that has to measure his materials, an electrician has to measure things like currents, volts and calculate the amount of cable required to the spacing requirements for lights in a ceiling.

Good English skills
Having good English and writing skills is paramount in helping you be a successful electrician, You must have the ability to read and interpret wiring rules, standards, switchboards and drawings to invoicing, quoting and supplying documentation for taxation purposes, if you’re running a business for example.

Understanding of regulatory requirement
Electrician is a licenced trade that is bound by regulations that must be adhered to. You must have sound understanding of these regulations and be self-driven to stay alert and aware of the regulations and the change