Whether its starting out in your career with a pre-apprenticeship or apprentice or wanting to grow your knowledge and skills NECA Education & Careers can help you.

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Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship

If you’re considering a career as an Electrician and/or perhaps one day would like move into a specialist electrical field, an electrical pre-apprenticeship will help you to determine your future in this field and provide a pathway to an Electrical Apprenticeship.

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Electrical Apprenticeship

If you enjoy mathematical and technical activities, have good hand-eye coordination and enjoy working with your hands, then becoming an Electrician could be just for you.

The electrical industry is always changing with emerging technologies, therefore requires you to have the ability to meet the demands of this flexible, challenging and life-long rewarding career. Positions and opportunities range from trade level through to middle management, engineering roles and business ownership.

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Electrical Licensing & Registration


Business & Management

Electrical Specialisation

Energy Efficiencies & Renewables

Data & Communications

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