Training Packages…what are they?

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You employ one or more apprentices and you keep hearing about training packages. Trouble is, no-one ever attempts to explain what they are in plain English.

Understanding training packages can be difficult, as training packages are complex and there are many rules and regulations that need to be followed. Below we try to demystify them.

But first, let’s set the record straight on one of the biggest misconceptions about training packages…TAFEs and RTOs don’t create them! We are obliged to follow the nationally accredited training package for the Electrotechnology industry, which defines the competencies and framework for nationally recognised qualifications. The TAFE/RTO can only tailor the training and assessments to the industry, employer and apprentice needs.

Training packages are nationally endorsed standards and qualifications for recognising and assessing people’s skills in a specific industry. National endorsement ensures that the level attained for each qualification will be the same regardless of where in Australia that qualification was obtained. This makes it easier to move between states and territories and for employers to hire people who have worked for other companies or moved from interstate.

Over the next few months we will go into greater depth about the training package. If you have any questions you would like answered around the training package, drop us a line below or at


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