Are you using a Stanley or Box Cutter knife?

Kathryn Whitfield BeltonHealth & SafetyLeave a Comment

Recently two NECA Education & Careers apprentice’s incorrectly selected the wrong tool for the job resulting in shocking lacerations to the hands, one of which required surgery. This apprentice is very lucky and will suffer no ongoing trauma or effects due to this lapse in concentration. Both apprentices have had impacts into their abilities to work normal duties.

NECA Education & Careers enforces a no Stanley/Box cutter style knife policy regarding the use of Stanley knives for your Health and Safety.

It is a requirement that when using cutting tools i.e. grinders, knives etc. that cut resistant gloves are worn at all times. A folding technician’s knife is the only knife approved by NECA Education & Careers for use onsite.

If you have a Stanley knife or box cutter in your kit, remove it!

If you have any questions please speak to your Industry Careers Consultant.


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