What Can a Traineeship Do for You That Uni Can’t?

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These days, when you finish school and are ready to forge a career in your chosen profession, you have two main options available to gain the skills you need: learn in the classroom or on the job.

If you’re a school leaver, enrolling in university may seem the obvious choice. And while this can work well for some, it’s important to understand that there are other options that may be a better fit.

For some people, the classroom environment does not play to their strengths – they need a more hands-on and practical approach to thrive. For others, the financial commitment and length of time it takes to earn a degree can be a drawback. In this situation, completing a traineeship can be a better way to gain the knowledge and experience you need to forge your career.

So to help you understand the benefits of learning on the job instead of in the classroom, in this article we’ll explain what a traineeship can do for you that university can’t.

1. Gain a qualification fast

An obvious benefit to completing a traineeship versus attending university is the speed at which you’ll receive your qualification. In most cases, you’ll complete your traineeship in just one year (or two at the most). On the other hand, a university degree will take you twice as long, as most courses run for three to four years.

2. Money in your pocket and no HECS debt

While completing your traineeship on the job, you get to earn as you learn. That means you have money available to save or spend as you see fit. This also means at the end of the training – unlike university students – you won’t be left with a hefty HECS debt that needs to be repaid.

3. Relevant work experience under your belt

Because the learning takes place on the job, when you start your traineeship, you launch your career. From day one you’ll be gaining real-life skills and practical knowledge on the job that will help you develop in your role faster. In contrast, if you attend university, you generally won’t start working in your chosen career until after you’ve earned your degree. And although you’ll have a qualification, you may not have any relevant work experience to put on your CV – which can be a disadvantage when you’re applying for jobs and come up against others who do.

4. Practical application of your knowledge

While a traineeship does involve some theory, it’s immediately relevant as the coursework is applied in your placement. You get to test out your learnings in real life on a daily basis, which helps them to stick in your mind. You can also see how your new skills and knowledge have a positive impact on the way you interact with your co-workers and customers, which provides plenty of motivation to continue to learn and develop.

5. Mentoring from industry careers consultant

In addition to all the above benefits, you’ll also gain invaluable advice and support from a career consultant who has worked with, and has a thorough understanding of, your industry. You will regularly have the chance to ask questions and pick their brains over anything you need further explanation on, to get insight and knowledge that will fast-track your development.

6. High-chance of a ready-made job

As you complete your traineeship at your placement business, you have a genuine opportunity to develop in your role and build relationships with your boss, colleagues and clients. This allows you to cement your position within the company, and stake your claim on the job moving forward. In the many cases, trainees are offered a permanent role on completion, which means you have a ready-made job available without the hassle of resume writing and job hunting.

Traineeship or uni? It’s your choice

If you’re not happy with where you are currently in your studies or working life and you prefer practical learning to theory, a traineeship may be a suitable option for you. A traineeship also allows you to gain relevant experience and your qualification fast. As with uni courses, traineeships have entry requirements, so feel free to contact us to learn about the criteria.

Need help to get started?

If you’d like to find out more about the traineeships we offer, and learn how they are delivered, get in touch with our team today – we’re always happy to help!

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