Where is your apprentice attending trade school?

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It’s that time of year where you’re looking to hire an apprentice and choose the best trade school for you both.

The question is where will your apprentices be going to trade school?

Surprisingly many employers leave it up to their apprentice to choose where they would like to go based on location, social group etc., without any consideration of the quality of the off-the-job training.

NECA Education and Careers has recently employed some new experienced teachers and will be introducing new teaching and learning resources. Our highly experienced teachers have a wide and varied work experience including heavy industrial, power, domestic, commercial, telecommunications and air-conditioning, as well as hazardous inspection and C-bus.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating as the saying goes and the NECA Education and Careers Apprentice Completion rate is 85.5%* compared to the average for trades of less than 60%.

So where is your apprentice attending trade school in 2015? NECA Education and Careers of course!


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