Why energy efficiency and renewables training is essential for electrical contractors

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The electrical industry is undergoing significant changes, with few developments as important as an ever-increasing emphasis on the use of renewable energy and improved electrical efficiency. In fact, the latest data from the Department of the Environment and Energy reveals that more than 15 per cent of Australia’s energy is now generated from renewable sources, underlining just how quickly we’re shifting from outdated forms of generation to new, cleaner alternatives.

For electrical contractors, this process of development means that a new set of skills is required. Failing to keep up with the times by ignoring the wealth of available energy efficiency and renewables courses for electricians will only lead to contractors falling behind.

In this article, we’ll look at why these courses are important, and why NECA Education & Careers is the place to complete training if you want to stay ahead.

We’re seeing a huge increase in the number of consumers exploring their renewables and efficiency options.

Why energy efficiency and renewables training matters

You might be wondering why electrical contractors need to worry about renewable generation and energy efficiency. After all, these issues are typically addressed at a government level, or by large companies with their own teams of electrical tradespeople. In the past, this may have been the case, but as new forms of energy become the norm, we’re seeing a huge increase in the number of consumers exploring their renewables and efficiency options.

According to the Australian Energy Council, there are now almost 1.8 million solar energy systems in Australia, following a record-breaking 2017 where more consumers decided to invest in the technology. As a result, solar systems are now something that most electrical contractors should expect to deal with. Lacking the necessary skills to work with the technology not only limits the number of jobs you’re able to take on, but also shuts you out of one of the electrical sector’s fastest-growing markets, making it far harder to jump in further down the track.

So, what are the best courses for electricians who want to improve their understanding of energy efficiency and renewables?

Are you confident in your ability to work with solar systems?The ability to work with solar systems is a key skill for electrical contractors.

The right courses for electrical contractors

While there are all sorts of different facets to renewable technology and energy efficiency, the most important area for electrical contractors to understand is solar systems. There are two key aspects to this technology, both of which are available to study in training courses with NECA Education & Careers.

The most important area of renewable energy for electrical contractors to understand is solar systems. 

As you’d expect, the first renewable energy training program that most contractors decide to invest in deals with how to work with and install solar energy technology or photovoltaic (PV) systems. This is what our Grid Connect course focuses on, taking place over an intensive six days and providing the necessary qualifications to apply for Grid Connect PV Systems accreditation from the Clean Energy Council.

The second energy efficiency training course that every electrical contractor who wants to work with PV systems should take is our Battery Storage with Grid Connect System program. This course builds on the basics of solar technology by teaching electrical contractors how to design, install and maintain battery storage solutions for PV systems. For most consumers, this will be a key part of their shift towards energy efficiency, making it possible to create and store power, rather than having to buy and sell back from the grid.

Ultimately, the way that we use energy in Australia will continue to change, but with access to the right training courses, there’s no reason electrical contractors can’t stay on top of these developments and ensure they’re providing the very best service to consumers. For more information, contact NECA Education & Careers today.


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